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Easily dismantle, move and reconstruct : The tale of two manufacturing factories

Factory relocation

Dunlop purchased the Idler Manufacturing plant from private sellers in Anderbolt, Boksburg, as a complementary strategic fit to its premium conveyor belting. This manufacturing plant has been based in Boksburg for many decades under private ownership.

In this project, the plant was stripped to transportable sizes for relocation to Dunlop Howick in KwaZulu-Natal. From here, Dunlop will be able to integrate, design and supply conveyor idlers and steel roller structures for both surface and underground applications as a line diversification and product range extension.

What was the project?

Reef Rigging was assigned to mechanically dismantle the entire Idler Manufacturing plant, comprising of 190tonne in total, for relocation by roadside transport to Howick, KwaZulu-Natal.

What major equipment was used for the installation?

This big project included the use of:

  • crane trucks,
  • riggers,
  • fitters,
  • forklifts,
  • boom trucks,
  • lowbed transport with oversize abnormal load permits, and
  • pilot escort vehicles.

What obstacles were there?

The old, low height buildings with asbestos roofing disallowed operating through opened roofs and prevented access for cranes to remove heavy 22tonne presses.

In the destination factory in Howick, we opened roof structures to lift presses and place them through the roof into temporary lay down inside factory buildings.

How were these overcome?

We overcame these obstacles with the use of highly specialised boom trucks that can lift 38tonne and enter confined space buildings to remove the presses.

Looking like super forklifts, there are only three such units in SA at a purchase price of R5,2m each. Although costly, the boom truck was able to lift and drive out 8 x heavy presses and load them directly onto lowbeds in two days. This would otherwise have taken 10 days to rig out by hand jacking.

What time period did the project take?

The project took approximately 5 days in total to relocate and install in Howick.

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