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Relocating Your Factory Securely

Your factory and plant successfully relocated to new premises, anywhere across the country.

A full service rigging solution along with expert logistics crew to ensure that we mechanically dismantle, rig out, transport, relocate, and reinstall your equipment, including milling machines, printing equipment, chillers, production lines, boilers, weighbridges, presses, tanks, containers and more.

Our promise to you:

Flexopress ready for transport

Don’t get weighed down, let us move your factory.


We pay the utmost attention to all the small and big details of the project, making sure that a project runs safely and smoothly. We are competitive and fair in both the pricing and time on your project.

Decrease downtime

With the experience we offer minimal downtime for you by providing an honest time assessment.

Customer satisfaction

Ensuring both equipment and staff are safe, this ensures that you have a safe project. You receive fair pricing with the work delivered efficiently on time.

Testimonial - Tiger Brands

 Stripping, relocation and installation of an Easter egg production line was a recent challenging, successful project at Beacon Sweets Chocolate factory.
Suren Pahlad - Maintenance EngineerTiger Brands

Testimonial - East Rand Containers

 As suppliers of customised medical clinic containers, we rely on Reef Rigging to rendezvous with container transporters, crane off each container in back-to-back orientation in remote, almost impenetrable  KZN village locations.
Philip Brink - MDEast Rand Containers
A true multinational with carpet production operations on many continents. Reef Rigging not only containerises redundant lines for shipment to sister locations, but also cranes and rigs in new high-tech tufting machines.
Malcolm Naicker - Factory EngineerBelgotex

Testimonial - Southern African Shipyards

 Two decommissioned redundant 190t Krupp portal jib crane structures, badly corroded and unsafe at portside, were successfully and safely dismantled from 80m height to ground and scrapped by skilled riggers and tandem lift 400t mobile cranes. Erratic elements of wind gusts and rain added complexity. SAS chose Reef Rigging based on reputational safety and service. Removal of the two 55-year-old Krupp cranes facilitates the building of a new state-of-the-art shipbuilding yard.
Fred Schoon - Facilities ManagerSouthern African Shipyards

Testimonial - Dunlop Industrial and Rema Tip-Top Products

 A multinational with heavy presses, calendars and mills for rubber production demands a high level of rigging skills and knowledge of moving >45t items inside "live" factory environments. For the past 10 years Reef Rigging has fulfilled these demands with excellence, and continue to partner Dunlop with its heavy capital lifts in a pleasant interactive manner.
Gianni Nosenzo - Projects EngineerDunlop Industrial and Rema Tip-Top Products