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Transporting and installing your food and dairy equipment

We ensure that the transport and installation of your milk tanks and silos is taken care of on time so your dairy can keep running smoothly.

We have the right equipment and team to make sure that you have minimal downtime while getting your dairy equipment installed:

Silos rigging

Let us help you get your milk production on tap.


We pay the utmost attention to all the small and big details of the project, making sure that a project runs safely and smoothly. We are competitive and fair in both the pricing and time on your project.

Decrease downtime

With the experience we offer minimal downtime for you by providing an honest time assessment.

Customer satisfaction

Ensuring both equipment and staff are safe, this ensures that you have a safe project. You receive fair pricing with the work delivered efficiently on time.

Testimonial - Tiger Brands

 Stripping, relocation and installation of an Easter egg production line was a recent challenging, successful project at Beacon Sweets Chocolate factory.
Suren Pahlad - Maintenance EngineerTiger Brands

Testimonial - Pro-Dairy Services

 I have been working closely with Reef Rigging on bulk milk cooling tanks as well as dairy parlour steelwork installations. Great, pleasant staff who are trustworthy and reliable, coupled with fair competitive pricing.
Mark Probert - OwnerPro-Dairy Services

Testimonial - Delaval

 Since 2003 we have worked closely with the Reef Rigging team and management on numerous capital projects, including rotatory dairies, milk tank deliveries, and installations, Optimix feed wagons, grales, etc - all with excellent outcomes.
Lorna Lindeque - Distribution ManagerDelaval

Testimonial - L P Dairy Services

Critical deliverables to the installation of bulk milk cooling tanks, sizing from 5 000 - 33 000L, is the responsibility placed on Reef Rigging to transport, deliver and install these tanks between successive milkings 6 hours apart, piped and commissioned, on large herd dairy farms. With a 100% success record, we only use Reef Rigging reliable services as the livelihood of client dairies depends on the on-time availability of milk cold storage operations.
Leslie Lee - OwnerL P Dairy Services

Testimonial - Imvusa Stainless

A longstanding partnership involving the transport of oversize stainless steel tanks and raw milk silos from Kuils River to KZN, delivery and installation for many key manufacturers who have all expressed complete satisfaction with Reef Rigging workmanship.
Reg Steele - Regional ManagerImvusa Stainless

Testimonial  - Clover SA

 The foremost dairy product processing facility in the country requires frequent change-outs and upgrades to machinery and tanks. Reef Rigging fills these requirements with some unique rigging techniques via a sidewall opening at 15m elevation.
Braam Nagel - Projects EngineerClover SA

Testimonial - Spring Meadow Dairy Farm

 Cranage, rigging and elevated installation of 30 000L silos through the roof into the factory production area and containerized generators in complicated placements under powerlines - all done expertly within tight deadlines.
Melville Whyte - Factory ManagerSpring Meadow Dairy Farm

Testimonial - Meadow Feeds

 The recent removal of three 5t weighbridge deck sections, which were giving erroneous loadcell under-readings of feed loads attributable to structural flexing, were repaired and craned back into position - with positive results. Variable losses of feed income have been solved.
Ashley Wilson - Assistant EngineerMeadow Feeds

Testimonial - Fairfield Dairy

Regular change out of 6H - 12H fillers and installation of yoghurt tanks via the roof directly into production areas have become a skills competency of Reef Rigging as our first choice rigging specialists. The work crew is fast, courteous, friendly and always leave the dairy processing facility clean and neat.
Danie van Tonder and Andy van Vuuren - Maintenance ManagersFairfield Dairy