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Loading and transporting your boilers safely

We take care of the loading, transportation and reinstalling of boilers from start to finish so you can make your deadlines.

We have the equipment and experience to load, transport and replace large coal-fired and HFO boilers in RSA and beyond.

Let us help you increase productivity by moving your boiler


We pay the utmost attention to all the small and big details of the project, making sure that a project runs safely and smoothly. We are competitive and fair in both the pricing and time on your project.

Decrease downtime

With the experience we offer minimal downtime for you by providing an honest time assessment.

Customer satisfaction

Ensuring both equipment and staff are safe, this ensures that you have a safe project. You receive fair pricing with the work delivered efficiently on time.

Testimonial - Boiler & Industrial Plant

Excellent service partner with heavy lifting, specialised over-dimensional transport, and placement of 6t - 60t boilers, providing mutually beneficial good value consistently over 16 years. Regarded as part of the BIP family.
Bryan Swanepoel - Managing DirectorBoiler & Industrial Plant