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Factory Relocations

Our fleet of rigging equipment and transport logistics can relocate your factory plant to new premises across the country. We mechanically dismantle, rig out, transport, relocate and re-install almost anything – milling machines, printing equipment, chillers, production lines, boilers, weighbridges, presses, tanks, containers and more, working to agreed project management principles, milestones and timelines.
As suppliers of customised medical clinic containers, we rely on Reef Rigging to rendezvous with container transporters, crane off each container in back-to-back orientation in remote, almost impenetrable KZN village locations.
Philip Brink - MD
East Rand Containers


When you need to lift or move heavy plant equipment and machinery, we have the equipment and expertise to do it. Using our own in-house riggers and fleet with our superior safety standards and customer service, we move heavy capital machinery and equipment – from 0.5t to upwards of 100t in mass – no matter how challenging or complex.
A multinational with heavy presses, calendars, and mills for rubber production, demands a high level of rigging skills and knowledge of moving >45t items inside ``live`` factory environments. For the past 10 years, Reef Rigging has fulfilled these demands with excellence, and continue to partner Dunlop with its heavy capital lifts in a pleasant, interactive manner.
Gianni Nosenzo - Project Engineer
Dunlop Industrial and Rema Tip-Top Products


We load, transport and replace large coal-fired and HFO boilers in RSA and beyond borders. We’ll take care of the complicated removal and installation process from start to finish, ensuring that your business benefits from a better energy-generating solution.
Excellent service partner with heavy lifting, specialised over-dimensional transport, and placement of 6t - 60t boilers, providing mutually beneficial good value consistently over 16 years. Regarded as part of the BIP family.
Bryan Swanepoel - Managing Director
Boiler & Industrial Plant

Food and Diary

rigging safety
The farming sector and dairies often work with heavy pieces of equipment that are not easy to transport or move. That’s where our rigging services and experienced team come in, taking care of:
Cranage, rigging and elevated installation of 30 000L silos through the roof into the factory production area and containerized generators in complicated placements under powerlines - all done expertly within tight deadlines.
Melville Whyte - Factory Manager
Spring Meadow Dairy Farm

Steel Erection and Dismantlement

The rigging and hoisting of steel materials are essential parts of the steel erection process. Our riggers are experienced in steel erection and have hoisted and installed complex plant and machinery in factories around the country.
I have been working closely with Reef Rigging on bulk milk cooling tank as well as dairy parlor steelwork installations. Great, pleasant staff who are trustworthy and reliable, coupled with fair competitive pricing.
Mark Probert - Owner
Pro-Dairy Services
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