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Ensure your factory is relocated and commissioned quickly

Factory moving and commissioning

Relocating a factory is no small task. In fact, it could be quite a daunting project to carry out. A move of this level will require a fair amount of planning, especially when you are needing to contract some of the work out to assist in your move. Creating a checklist to follow will help you keep track of the different aspects of your move and ensure that you are not forgetting anything.

Here is a factory relocation checklist to help you keep on track:

  • Start planning as soon as you can
  • Build a diverse and capable team
  • Identify the contractors you’ll need, and contact them well in advance
  • Prepare your layout drawings
  • Audit your machinery
  • Plan changes to your supply chain
  • Produce a schedule
  • Create work instructions
  • Make the most of the opportunity.

What does a factory relocation like this entail?

Relocating your factory will need experienced people to make sure that the operation runs smoothly and includes your decommissioning and that recommissioning is carried out correctly and efficiently.

Reef Rigging’s fleet of rigging equipment and transport logistics can relocate your factory plant to new premises across the country.

We mechanically

  • dismantle,
  • rig out,
  • transport, and
  • relocate and re-install almost anything (including milling machines, printing equipment, chillers, production lines, boilers, weighbridges, presses, tanks, containers and more), working to agreed project management principles, milestones and timelines.

We can help you with

  • Decommissioning and recommissioning of machinery
  • Transport to new premises
  • Efficient re-installation so that you can start up operations again fast.

We aided a client in the relocation of their project successfully in the following way:

Where was the installation?

Toyota Prospectron.

What was the project?

The relocation of 6 x 18t presses, (which are used in the manufacture of vehicle components for the Corolla line), were required to be moved from the existing factory to another Toyota site in Mobeni.

What major equipment was used for the installation?

Heavy lift crane trucks, 7t, 11t and 18t forklifts and lowbeds.

What obstacles were there?

The overhead geometric structures of the production lines presented headspace restrictions which limited the accessibility of the crane trucks.

The floors were epoxy-coated and required additional protection against scuffing even if polyurethane skates and steering set were used to relocate the presses. A workable solution was found to move the presses raised off the floor surface.

How were these overcome?

On arrival, the scope of work was changed to use two heavy lift forklifts, ie. 11t and 18t, operating in tandem to rig out the 18t presses to an undercover but open loading position, onto a lowbed by tandem lift using two crane trucks. This was accomplished over a physical distance of more than 350m.

After loading 2 x presses onto a lowbed, these were relocated to the Mobeni premises and; again taking extra precautions to protect the new epoxy floor, rigged in the presses into final positions for recommissioning.

What time period did the project take?

3 full days.

factory relocation

If you are relocating your factory and need to get it done safely and efficiently, get in touch with us on +27 (0) 82 659 3315 or send us a query here.


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