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How to efficiently move large manufacturing equipment

Moving heavy manufacturing machinery

We have the equipment and experience to move heavy manufacturing machinery and are certified to rig, load, move and reinstall heavy capital and machinery.

When you need to lift or move heavy plant equipment and machinery, we have both the equipment and expertise to do it. Using our own in-house riggers and fleet with our superior safety standards and customer service, we move heavy capital machinery and equipment – from 0.5t to upwards of 100t in mass – no matter how challenging or complex.

  • We move almost any type of manufacturing equipment
  • Your factory can get back to work fast
  • Experienced, certified riggers to ensure a smooth and safe process.

Our staff have over 200 years’ accumulative experience which means our expertise ensures you are up and running on time with minimal downtime so you can maximise your production time. Your equipment is safe from loading to delivery, to reinstatement, giving you peace of mind.

A project that testifies to the dedication of the team, is the Dunlop plant in Howick, KwaZulu-Natal.

What was the project?

Cranage, rigging and movement of a 20t Autoclave which was 17.4m long, for placement in a cavity in the Hose Department.

What major equipment was used for the installation?

We made use of:

  • Two heavy-lift crane trucks operating in tandem,
  • a 10t forklift, and
  • multiple heavy-duty hydraulic jacks.

What obstacles were there?

From the pics, it can be seen that the routing into the Hose Department was challenging and made more complicated by the space constraints and an exceptionally low roof structure. This eliminated the entry and access of crane trucks into the building.

In addition to this, the doorway had to be enlarged and widened pre-ops to accommodate the autoclave passage at 90˚ angle. This was carried out on heavy-duty skates, and for the forklift for momentum to overcome tarmac surface friction.

How were these overcome?

The slow, manual hand rigging of the autoclave was done on heavy duty skates pushed from behind by crane trucks until the operating radius of the crane trucks was exhausted, following which a forklift was used. Entry into the 750mm cavity was achieved by a system of jack ‘n slide hydraulic jack power packs on railway lines.

What time period did the project take?

From 07h00 to 00h35, ie 17.5hrs with a double rigging crew working continuously until completion.

If your manufacturing needs a move, no job is too big for our crew. We promise professionalism, we will decrease your downtime and ensure that you are satisfied with your project results. Contact us on