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Rigging and heavy equipment moving myths debunked

Rigging Myths debunked

Rigging is an effective way for lifting and moving heavy items, particularly things like heavy equipment or machinery that needs to be moved to awkward spaces.

This method is long-trusted as being a safe option for your equipment moving needs, even though there may be some questions about some myths that have come about over time. Fortunately, you are reading this article to find the truth behind these common myths, so you are in a better position to ensure that your equipment or relocation is handled in a proper and safe manner.

Here’s a look at three of the most common myths about rigging and the real truth behind them.

Myth #1 – Take the Lowest Bid 

Rigging is a dynamic and complex process, but to those who are not aware, every approach looks quite similar. This misconception has brought about the belief that every rigging service is more or less the same, so your price point is the main indicator of what you will get. This, however, is simply not always the truth. Not all Rigging companies are the same, and doing a little bit of homework on your potential candidates will likely reward you with a project well handled.

Instead of using price as your main indicator of quality, consider:

  • investigating the reputation of the company,
  • what kinds of rigging services are on offer,
  • how much manpower they can dedicate to your move,
  • what experience the manpower has, and
  • the capacities that they are safely equipped to handle.

This will allow you to objectively choose the company that will provide the safest move, even if it isn’t the cheapest.

Myth #2 – Riggers Only Help with Large-Scale Moves

Although riggers are often called in to help relocate entire manufacturing facilities or relocate a lot of equipment, that doesn’t mean that their services are exclusive to large moves.

Even if you only need to move a single piece of equipment, you would be better off to have it done by professionals to make sure that your machinery is properly handled and not damaged.

Myth #3 – Rigging Companies Can’t Help with the Planning

It is a common misconception that rigging companies only offer physical relocation services. This is not true and has caused many businesses to struggle with the logistics of a move by trying to plan things out without the necessary experience. If this business had contacted a rigging company, they would have found that the company could have helped design the plan. From the initial proposal process to the move, rigging companies can help you with everything. It is part of the reason a rigging company is hired, as they have experience in how to best move your equipment safely.

Now that you know some of the truth behind these myths about rigging companies, you will also see how much they can be of help.

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