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How to install a cooler successfully

Handling an Industrial Boiler

Handling an industrial cooler installation can be tricky. The positioning of equipment does not facilitate easy extraction or necessarily allow for movement within the area. Assessing the situation prior to the commencement of the project and creating a plan will ensure that criteria are met and the project will proceed smoothly.


  1. The location and accessibility of the project with the required equipment.
  2. The method to be used in extracting/installing the required equipment (a cooler in this case).
  3. The correct weight loads and how they will be lifted using what equipment.
  4. Whether any dissembling will be needed of the structure the equipment is housed in to remove or replace it.
  5. If any adjustments need to be made for the replacement equipment to be correctly installed.
  6. The time needed to safely conduct the operation.
  7. Whether work can continue around the operation while being carried out.
  8. Which operators have the required experience necessary.

When all these factors are taken into account, a plan can be drawn up and followed to ensure that there is less chance of surprises and in doing this, the operation can run smoothly.

Where was the installation?

The installation took place at Hulamin Edendale in Pietermaritzburg.

What was the project?

The Hulamin S5 Hot Mill 28t motor and 3t cooler was transported from Remelt. This was moved with the crane off the vehicle, rigged in and installed in S4 Cold Mill.

Access was extremely confined and this meant fitters were required to remove the canopy, equipment and aluminium structures pre-operations; as well as provide piping connections because the entire works occurred in a live factory environment.

What major equipment was used for the installation?

An overhead gantry crane at SWL 15t was too light to lift the motor into final position. The motor was moved on 4 x 15t skates via narrow passageways using the gantry crane to only lift the front of the motor to assist around tight turns. Rigged in a jack ‘n slide powerpack and sleepers to raise the motor to equivalent 680mm height off ground and slide it into final position on a steel frame.

What obstacles were there?

Installation of the 3t cooler unit on top of the motor posed major challenges as the design encountered headspace restrictions and did not allow movement under the gantry crane chainblock, resulting in fouling of the hook on the cooler body.

How were these overcome?

Riggers resolved the restriction by installing 4 x 2t chainblocks with 8m long chaindrops onto the transverse bogey of the crane with a scissor lift, enabling the collar to be lifted and moved to the motor. Thereafter, riggers raised the cooler with the chainblocks to 3 500mm height under overhead gantry crane girders and finally position the cooler on top of the motor.

What time period did the project take?

4.5 days.

If you are looking to have your project completed on schedule and running smoothly, contact us for experienced operators to help you get your work done safely and on time.


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