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How to prevent a boiler of a situation with the right team

The Boiler factor

Transportation and installation of a boiler can be a big, and often stressful, decision. We aim to provide you peace of mind with the right expertise and the right equipment to simplify the process.

Some of the points to be considered when taking on a project of this kind, are:

  • Has a stack wall thickness measurement test been done?
  • Will your equipment be loaded on the correct transportation, and will it be safe?
  • Will your current boiler be changed out?
  • Will your team be able to reinstall your equipment with precision and expertise?

All of these points can mean that you are up and running on schedule and are even more efficient than you previously were.

The other consideration is whether you have the correct equipment and experience to load, transport and replace the equipment. At Reef Rigging, we have the equipment and experience to load, transport and replace large coal-fired and HFO boilers in RSA and beyond.

Where was the installation?

The Clover Dairy in Queensburgh, KwaZulu-Natal.

What was the project?

The project was the installation of a new butter melter unit into the Blending Process Room.

What major equipment was used for the installation?

The following was used:

  • mobile cranage,
  • crane truck, and
  • riggers.

What obstacles were there?

The installation needed an experienced rigger with a steady hand. The Unit had to enter through the 3rd floor at a 25m height elevation and over concrete beams. It was rigged through a narrow roll up door and lifted over an upstand of 500mm.

How were these overcome?

This was accomplished with the use of a mobile crane for the initial boiler lift, but thereafter, rigging was done with sensitive hand pallet jacks and sleepers over the upstand, down the passageway to the final resting position.

What time period did the project take?

The project was completed in half a day.

We assure you that your project will be handled with expertise and care is taken with the loading, transportation and reinstalling of boilers from start to finish, so contact us on and we will help you meet your deadlines.


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