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Lowbed trailers and why they are King of abnormal transport trailers

Lowbed trailers are King


Lowbed trailers are made to provide an abnormal load transport solution that is convenient and safe. These trailers are specially made to carry specialised loads without causing danger on the road. There is a variety to choose from to match what your requirements might be in transporting your load. This is why these trailers are so important in the abnormal transport sector.

What are Lowbed Trailers?

Lowbed trailers have low decks that can carry tall cargo with ease without exceeding road restrictions. They are well suited for the transport of large, heavy equipment like bulldozers. These are incredibly capable trailers that play an important part in the abnormal transport industry.


The first lowbed trailer was built in the 1920s with definitive features of a riveted gooseneck and solid rubber tyres. A variation on was introduced in 1958, where the gooseneck was made detachable.  Since then cutting-edge technology has been used to offer buyers a range of useful variations.

Types of Lowbed Trailers

If you’re looking for an abnormal load transport trailer, there are plenty of variations to choose from:


Fixed gooseneck trailer offers:

  • increased deck length
  • lightweight design
  • low profile tyres
  • drop ramp for easy loading.

Fixed-neck trailer:

  • lightweight
  • reduced flexibility.

Hydraulic detachable gooseneck:

  • versatile, easy operation
  • offers increased safety
  • shorter deck length
  • heavy.

Mechanically detachable gooseneck:

  • suitable transport of specialised loads
  • more difficult to use.

Mechanical folding gooseneck:

  • the deck can be lowered for convenient loading.


Lowbed trailers are built to handle the tough conditions that come with abnormal load transport. These trailers are available in a range of specifications in accordance with your transportation needs. The variation you choose will depend on the weight of the loads that are being transported, as well as your loading preferences.


Abnormal load transport

Legal limits on the size and weight of loads that restrict the transportation of specialised loads on the road must be adhered to. The reduced height and design of lowbed trailers provide a solution to abnormal load transport. It is important to check the regulations of the area that you are operating in to prevent creating a hazard to other road users.


Now you know more about lowbed trailers. They can enhance the efficiency and safety of your business operations, with operators that are experienced in using them effectively.

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