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Hulamin, Pietermaritzburg


We conducted mechanical dismantlement, rigging and cranage at Hulamin to remove P38 main ram crosshead press 25.5-ton structure from the extrusion line. The press exhibited multiple deep surface cracks (attributable to continuous heat and 38-ton press compression recycling over 25 years).

Because this disruption resulted in a costly total production line closure for the client, it was imperative for the work to be carried out quickly. We conducted an urgent emergency removal using 160-ton mobile crane between tie-rods. The job proved to be a complex one, requiring a specialised rigging, jacking systems and fitter approach.


We set up a 160-ton mobile crane at a 14-metre horizontal radius parallel to the press line, with a 39-ton rated lift capacity and a 29.1-metre boom extension through an opened 12-metre high roof structure.

The press was rigged out of the building on a 37-ton trolley and transported to Metalock Engineering in Alrode. Two months later, after specialised welding repairs (during which we maintained frequent contact with metallurgist consultants until test-approved), the press was transported back to Hulamin for re-installation in an on-schedule and in-budget procedure for recommissioning.


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