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The differences between lowbed trailers for the transport of machinery

Lowbed trailer types

The difference between a low bed trailer and a high bed trailer is mainly with the working platform and the usage thereof.

A low bed trailer is a kind of machinery transport use trailer with a much lower working platform, with a high range of 400mm to 1200mm. It is also called a lowbed trailer, lowboy trailer, machinery transport trailer or equipment transport trailer. The height of the working platform for a low bed trailer will depend on the loading capacity and the equipment that will be transported.

high bed trailer is usually a type of flatbed trailer which comes in a variety of lengths, including the 20 ft flatbed trailer, 40 ft flatbed trailer, and the extendable flatbed trailer for multi-usage.

low bed transport


These trailers have several types:

  • low bed trailer,
  • heavy-duty trailer,
  • dual lane axle trailer,
  • detachable trailer,
  • extendable type trailer, and
  • modular type trailer.

Normal trailer

A normal-type low bed trailer is the most popular type low bed trailer with a loading capacity from 20 – 80 tons. It has 2-4 axles and is equipped with spring ladders for the machinery loading such as wheel loaders, excavators, and a variety of wheeled machines.  The high of the working platform is various from 1000mm to 1200mm.

Heavy-duty trailer

A heavy-duty low bed trailer is similar to the normal type trailers, with the exception of it having a higher loading capacity of 80 tons to 140 tons. This type of trailer is usually used for areas that don’t have special requirements for axle loads and off-road working environments.

Dual lane axles trailer

The main specification differentiating the dual-lane low bed trailer is its axles. The dual-lane axle trailer is equipped with short axles, with each line having two short axles with 8 sets of tyres and rims. This type of low bed trailer is mostly used for super heavy equipment transportation. The working platform length will be set according to the machines that will be transported.

Detachable trailer

A detachable low bed trailer is a front-loading type trailer without ladders on the rear. This type of low bed trailer has an extremely low working platform, normally at 400mm. This design is used for super heavy equipment transportation, normally over 100 tons. It’s an oversized transportation trailer with a width of 3000mm to 4000mm, and a length of 16000mm to 17000mm. The detachable trailer can be set up according to the customers’ requirements.

Extendable trailer

An extendable low bed trailer is designed for the transportation of oversized cargo. This type of trailer usually doesn’t have any ladders.

There are two types:

  • width-extendable, and
  • length-extendable.

The side extending type trailer is used for extra width oversized cargo delivery, the width of the extending low bed trailer is different with measurements of 3000mm to 5000mm.

The length extending type trailer is used for an extra length of oversized cargo delivery, with the length extending up to 25000mm.

These types of extendable trailers are customarily used for wind tower transportation.

low bed trailers

Modular trailer

A modular trailer is a combination of the above types of trailers. With dual-lane axles, super low working platform, equipment transportation, module splicing and height-adjustable. The only difference from the special trailer is that the modular trailer cannot be extended.

The types of modular trailers include:

  • Nicolas type,
  • Goldhofer type, and
  • adapted type of trailers.

Different types of modular trailers have their own usage. Specially designed for oversized heavy equipment transportation, loading capacity can be up to 500 tons or more.

Now that you are aware of low bed trailers, you will realise that they can enhance the efficiency and safety of your business operations, with operators that are experienced in using them effectively.

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