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What is the World’s most immense Heavy Lift crane

World’s largest lift crane

In October 2017, the World’s largest heavy lift crane was revealed in all its immense mechanical glory. This crane is one of the Sarens equipment line.

The SGC-140 measures an impressive 44 metres in diameter and has a 4.000-tonne counterweight consisting of 40 counterweight containers.

If this isn’t enough to boggle the mind, the ring is made of 64 steel mats, a circular double rail beam, 64 front wheels, and 32 rear wheels.

In addition to supporting the counterweight, the machinery deck can hold six power pack units, eight winches and of course, the operator’s cab.

It makes this colossal crane pretty impressive.

The ‘Bigger Benny’ as it is fondly known was put to work on the onshore gas and oil TCO Project in Khazakstan for three years, helping build an oil refinery and install equipment to increase the reservoir pressure in the giant Tengiz field in the northern Caspian Sea.

Thereafter, it will return to the UK to help construct a new generation of nuclear power stations.

Bigger Benny crane

Sarens have the title of the World’s largest heavy lift crane.

The SGC-250 launched in 2018. It has a whopping capacity of 250.000T/m, with a maximum boom length of 160 metres, with the option of being equipped with or without a jib.

The SGB-250 is currently the biggest crane in the Sarens fleet and can operate on a ring or on straight rails.

The cranes maximum load is 5.000T.

This is the predecessor to the SGC-90. This crane will have a capacity of 90.000T/m.

SG250 crane

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