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Clover – Upgrade to the Compressor Room


The space inside the Compressor Room is extremely constrained, which demanded expertise and specialised hand rigging skills to remove existing equipment and install new more technically advanced machinery.

How Reef Rigging helped

Reef Rigging conducted an in-depth survey of mechanical options with knowledge of a combination of new equipment weights, rated lifting gear and building load-bearing capacity. The resultant synergistic effect was the basis of a high confidence installation plan.

A 100t mobile crane was needed for the removal and installation of the new BAC 12t evaporative condensers in elevated external roof position. Inside the Compressor Room, we used 7t and 4,5t low mast forklifts, 5t chain blocks with 8m chain drops, and a crawl beam to install 9 x 88t screw rotary compressors on plinths, as well as to lift and suspend 9t and 10t pressure storage tanks that were placed onto 2m high galvanised stands.

The outcome

Completion of the challenging project safely, and within the budget, in spite of rain disruptions, allowing the client to be successfully operational on time.

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