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RCL Upgrade – Removing silo ducting at height


Removing silo ducting at height.

RCL Foods animal feeds mill has four tall silos located in the Willowton area in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal. These imposing structures, which are well known in the area, presented a particularly challenging operation.

3 stainless steel ducting pipes, measuring 50m high, needed to be removed from the concrete silos to make way for an alternative moisture method to the grain feed inside the silos.

mobile crane and ducting removal

How Reef Rigging helped

There is always a risk when working at height.

This project presented a challenge because of the serious height elevation for riggers, who were suspended in a man cage under a mobile crane hook at 62m height. The riggers worked at the unbolting of 5 steel brackets along the vertical silo wall.

This challenge was managed with careful cooperation between the crane operator and riggers in the man cage, communicating with two-way radios to guide them to each work site on the silo wall.

ducting brackets removal

The outcome

This project took 12 hours to complete with careful planning and efficient execution.

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